A grunge style "Masked Vaxxed And I Still Dont Trust #Vaccinated" Face Mask with Filter Pocket. With the rise of Covid19 number once again (August 2021) and it's multiple variants, here is a 'Flag' for Vaccinated individuals that displays a very direct 'In Your Face' message.


This mask is non-medical grade. It contains 2 layers of fabric; A cotton interior layer with a pocket to insert a filter if you'd like. And a polyester exterior layer for healthy wearing and also, this is the layer in which the design will be printed. Fabric is easy to breathe through.


Backside of this mask is Yellow, same color as the ear straps.


The design was uniquely created and will last and/or outlast the life of the product. Product is made-to-order and ships in 1 to 3 business days.


Adult unisex fitting for Men and Women. One size fits most, approximately 8.5" wide x 4.5" tall.

Covid19 Grunge Masked Vaxxed Face Mask/Cover With Filter Pocket

  • Wash Cold and Hang Dry is recommended. Caring for the fabric extends the life of the sock.

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