A pair of Athletic Ankle Socks displaying a unique abstract black and gray design. Any foot will find comfort in the construction of this sock. The white portion of the sock is where the design will be printed. The sole is Moisture Wicking, ultra soft cotton, cushioned and has ribbing for a secure fit.  During activity, the fabric moves moisture away from your skin. It quickly transfers sweat to the top layer of fabric while the second layer of fabric quickly dries out so sweat doesn't soak the material. The sole is perfect for extra comfort and wearability.


Take your next step full of Comfort and Abstract with a side of Unique. Designed by Khulis, further guaranteeing its own uniqueness for the SBK Brand. Exposed to your regular routine, the design will last or outlast the life of the product and will not wash off. 


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This product is Unisex sized for Men and Women. See photos to view the Size Chart and purchase your equivalent shoe size. Note: Sizing Chart is just a guide. Order what suits your needs the absolute best.


This item is Made To Order and will ship out in 1 - 3 business days. 


Sole: 90% Cotton, 10% Polyester/Spandex.
Upper/Leg:  95% Polyester, 5% Rubber/spandex.


According to customers, our Athletic Ankle Socks are "Very Comfortable!"

SBK Abstract Black Ankle Socks

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  • Wash Cold and Hang Dry is recommended. Caring for the fabric extends the life of the garment.

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  • The more the garment is stretched to fit, the more distorted the image may appear; The more the interior / base color will show through.