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  SBK has an excellent way to keep your feet happy in the comfort and quality they love, the SBK Boxes. For a one time payment, one box of socks will be shipped to your choice address, with tracking. Great for gifts or yourself. With a monthly subscription, the style box you select will be delivered once a month every month at a comfort and quality price. Along with your Sock Box, there may be some extra goodies packed inside as a special thanks and appreciation for your business.

SBK Boxes are packed differently than other orders. Boxes ship within 10 business days.

SBK Boxes Explained.

- No Show Box: 3 Pair of Plain White Socks

- Pure Comfort Box: 3 Pair of Plain White Socks

- High Performance Box: 3 Pair of Plain White Socks (Black Sole)

- SBK Athletic Box: 3 Pair of Crew Socks (Colored/Black Foot)

- Blended Comfort Box: 1 Pair of Each Plain Sock (4 Pair of Socks)

- The SBK Box: 5 Random Pair of All Socks We Offer (SBK Designs Included)



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